Mezcal Minamontes is a 100% Michoacan company which goal is to promote and spread the knowledge, traditions and unique flavours of the mezcal of Michoacan.

We work with different families of mezcal masters, magueyeros and artisans, always respecting and valuing every artisan and ancestral process from the pickup of maguey seeds until the production of our hand-blown glass bottle.



Our mezcals come from small batches which are the result of methods and secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation. Minamonte represents the treasures of the mountains and villages of Michoacan.

We have been working since 2012 along with different mezcal masters in the certification process training, managing projects with associations and government entities and promoting the commercialization of their products outside the producing communities. In 2016 we decided to create the brand Minamonte to take the Mezcal of Michoacan to different parts of the world.




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