Agave: 100% Cupreata (Chino)

Region: Madero, Michoacan

Agave growing period:  8 to 15 years

Oven Type: conical stone oven

Cooking wood: Oak logs

Mill type: mechanical shredder

Fermentation: Natural in stone tubes

Distillations: 2 distillations

Distillation wood: Pines logs

Distiller type: Philippine Alembic

% alc vol: 45%

Bottle capacity:

750 ml in blown glass

Mezcal master:

Don Pedro Hernandez





Tasting`s Notes:

It is distinguished by a sweet taste with notes of just cook agave combined with a permanent herbaceous flavour and wild flowers. This type of agave is endemic from the Balsas watershed, it grows in the pine and oak forest, in pasture, palm groves and low jungles.



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